How to generate new clients and revenue in only 7 days


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Have you ever wondered how you could generate new clients and revenue in only 7 days?

Getting new clients and revenue is the #1 problem most small businesses and self-employed professionals have. But it's not rocket science, it is actually pretty easy. In fact, all you need is a step by step system you can follow. 

This short ebook will give you a tried and tested blueprint! It is geared towards web agencies and self-employed webworkers who are providing online marketing services to local businesses. If you always wanted to start a business on the side to make some income while working from home, you will find a proven system for that (…but even if you don't fall into these categories, you will still learn many valuable tips and tricks).

This is what we are covering in the book:

  • Introduction
  • Traffic, offer & conversion: The core components on the web
  • The customer lifecycle
  • How do I present my offer to make sales?
  • Outsourcing: How do I deliver my services?
  • What are you going to now?

Pick up the book now and you can see results in less than 7 days! 


(… and if you don't like it for any reason, just request a refund from Amazon – it is absolutely risk-free for you, and we want you to suceed!)

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